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Leo is driven by a passion for improving human performance and longevity. He consults with clients on  longevity, cognitive enhancement, genome analysis, nutrigenomics, supplementation, and living a healthful lifestyle.

Leo’s approach is distinguished by his understanding of the genetic influences on our health and well-being and his analytical approach to optimized living. His analytical approach is driven by his background as a decision scientist. Though he has no formal training in biology, Leo has six years of training in advanced statistical analysis, mathematical analysis, and study design, all of which color his studies of academic publications on the subject of human performance and longevity.


Before developing his interest in optimized living, Leo worked as a financial analyst for a major private equity firm. Prior to that, Leo launched and administered the Behavioural Research Laboratory of the London School of Economics (LSE). Leo holds degrees in science from Carnegie Mellon and the LSE, where he also began his career as a researcher funded by the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom, in the field of decision science.



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