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Diet Programs

While Leo builds diets for coaching clients through the emerging science of nutrigenomics, in which nutrition choices are based on genetic analysis as well as detailed blood tests, he also offers standard diet advice for those that do not want to have their genome sequenced. 

Leo's diets have several principles:

  1. Time-restricted eating

  2. Ancestral nutrition

  3. Focused on hormesis

  4. Nutrient dense foods

  5. Periodic, extended fasting

Leo works with clients who are mostly driven by athletic concerns, others who are driven by weight loss goals, and still more who are concerned with longevity. In all cases, he uses these 3 pillars to improve their healthspan. 

If you purchase this affordable program, you will receive a detailed questionnaire which will be used by Leo, who will handwrite a diet and supplementation program for you. 

GET A DIET PROGRAM                             $300

 One full weekly diet and supplementation program.


The premier diet, supplementation, exercise, and behavioral advice – at your fingertips, 24/7.


The most detailed and actionable genetic analysis on the market.


Analysis of the genes that affect your cognition and a lifestyle program to suit them.


Consult with Leo about longevity, genetics, health, and performance.

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